1975 MGB For Sale

If Interested - Email Richard Wagner at wagner75mgb@tbbcc.club

Since I am sincere about wanting to sell this car, I'm motivated to consider any reasonable offer. It and the roll around cart (see photos) is priced to sell for $2,500.00, or acceptable counter offer.

The Sale will be finalized at a local 'Tax Collector' office. I prefer here in Dade City, but can come elsewhere if you can provide me a ride home. I have an air conditioned garage if you'd like to come see the car in Zephyrhills.

I bought this car in 1991 when I also had another 1975 MGB and a 1958 Triumph TR3A.

The windshield was replaced in 2013 because the glass was damaged during repair of the car's floor pans. Features a stainless steel exhaust.

The engine was rebuilt by John Twist at University Motors in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1998. It's longest trip was from Michigan to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2001.

1n 2013, the front of the car was hit at a gas station when the SUV ahead of me at the pump back up. It happened less than two weeks before moving to Florida and driving the car here.

Good tires are about five years old. All hydraulic lines have been replaced. Steve, at Dade City Foreign Car tried for years to resolve issues with the choke problem, but other than that, the car runs fine.

Plans were to someday replace the HIF SU carbs with original earlier SUs (with external fuel bowls), but that never happened. I've continued to drive the car this way since 2016.

[Example of strange occurrences.]

In 2012, a mounting bracket for the rear leaf spring, broke away from the unibody, causing the rear wheels to be out of line, making it necessary to correct with the steering wheel in order to drive straight. The leaf spring mounts were all replaced, as were the leaf springs at Motor City Classic car in Michigan.

The alloy wheels are quite stunning on the car. It was this way when I bought and I soon learned they were too wide to fit on the rear fenders properly. I replaced the rear end with a wire wheel, rear end (which is not as wide) and converted that to bolt on wheels.

The original convertible top is worn out, but can be used. I've actually modified this so the entire top and frame can be removed from the vehicle, giving greater room in the cockpit.

The car features A newer leather, lace on steering wheel cover, a custom made oil drip pan under the engine to prevent those awful oil drips left by most all British Cars and a few parts.

Floor jack and jack stands are included along with a waste oil container.