Triumph TR4 Parts For Sale

If Interested - Contact Bruce Britt (813) 927-8070

Here is a partial list of parts for a Triumph TR4 (year unknown)

• Tail light assy’s
• Headlight assy’s
• Complete set of pristine Jaeger instruments
• Dashboard parts and misc. interior parts
• Petrol cap
• Windscreen wiper motor and associated parts
• Pristine L/S door, complete as removed at hinges (interior panel, glass, etc.)
• L/S and R/S front wings, pristine, rust free, original paint
• L/S rear wing, same as fronts
• Bonnet, pristine, original paint and all chrome badges - drool, drool.
• Petrol tank
• Complete frame section, cut off at firewall, with all suspension, steering, etc. components
• Grille
• Bumpers.
• Plus boxes of miscellaneous parts.

All parts stored indoors,
please Contact Bruce Britt (813) 927-8070.